CPP Pet Supplies have a national distribution network and can deliver anywhere in the UK and throughout Europe.
With years of experience in the pet industry and a knowledge of nutrition and marketing, CPP Pet Supplies has a solution for you.
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Premium Kitten food 15kg
Premium Duck flavour 15kg
Premium Chicken flavour 15kg
Premium Salmon flavour 15kg
 Multimix Cat food 10kg

Chicken and Rice (gluten free) 15kg
Lamb and Rice (gluten free) 15kg
Premium Puppy (gluten free) 15kg
Maintenance Dog 15kg
Adult Budget Working Dog 15kg
Cereal Free Dog 15kg
Tripe Working Dog 15kg

Multimix pond sticks 5kg
Red Koi pond sticks 5kg
Plain pond sticks 5kg
Pond flake food 1kg
Tropical pond flake food 1kg
Medium-sized pond pellets 5kg
Small-sized pond pellets 5kg
Wheatgerm (Winter feed) 5kg

Bird Seed 10kg or 20kg
Suet and Mealworm seed 10kg or 20kg
Sunflower Hearts 10kg or 20kg
Peanuts 10kg or 20kg
Mealworms 12.55kg
Suet Pellets (7 varieities) 12.75kg
Small netted fat balls 150 (box)
Nyger Seed 10kg
Black Sunflower seed 7kg
Striped Sunflower seed 6kg

Mixed Canary seed 10kg
Plain Canary seed 10kg
50/50 Budgie seed 10kg
Special Budgie seed 10kg
Foreign Finch seed 10kg
British Finch seed 10kg
Deluxe Fruity Parrot mixture 10kg
Nuts in shells 3kg
Millett sprays 10kg

Rabbit mixture 15kg
Guinea pig mixture 15kg